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Service Overview

Digital transformation needs businesses to ideate, plan and execute strategic plans that are focused across business interactions. Our experienced consultants offer planning, testing, and execution with minimal business disruption or investment. They help you navigate through best practices and industry standards to ensure continual process-centric improvements for the maintenance, enhancement and management of applications running in hybrid environments.

With industry-focused roadmaps, data insights and innovation, we change the way you think of SAP.

SAP Consulting Services On-Premise

  • Business case and feasibility studies
  • Building a SAP deployment and implementation roadmap
  • Creating a Target SAP operating model
  • Architecture design, including analyzing the risk and cost-effectiveness
  • Planning for an on-premise cloud and hybrid architecture
  • Giving you the best recommendation between private or public cloud systems

BAU Support

  • Cross-platform custom development (RICEFW developments)
  • Testing and migration services
  • 24 X 7 System Monitoring (Continuous Application Maintenance)
  • Support (Level 1/2/3 Support)


  • Alert Monitoring
  • Standard EWA report analysis
  • BASIS System Monitoring - Health check
  • Weekly Operations and Performance Reporting/Meetings


  • Quick Solution Tickets
  • SAP Notes
  • Ad hoc service requests / Basis related issues

Continuous Maintenance

  • Kernel updates
  • ST-PI/ST-A/PI Patches
  • Security Notes
  • Support Packs/EHPs/ SMD Agents/ Wily updates
  • DB Quarterly Review
  • Process Automation
  • Support documentation
  • Monitoring Improvements
  • Review and Documentation


  • System Builds
  • System Refreshes (TDMS/Traditional DB copy)
  • Release upgrades
  • Implementation Support
  • Migration (On-Premise/Cloud/On-Prem to Cloud/Cloud to Cloud)

BAU Support

  • Full-lifecycle, seamless business and technology services across core consulting and application management
  • Global capabilities and footprint with local market expertise
  • Significant breadth and depth of capability with the ability to integrate commodity services with high-value capabilities
  • The right combination of industry, technology, process, and full lifecycle assets integrated into our go-to-market strategy and client delivery
  • Accountability for measured business and IT outcomes that serve clients’ unique needs
  • Scaled for speed, quality, agility, reduced risk and efficiency
  • Standardized global operating model, methods, tools, and processes
  • Unique business model that allows us to serve clients with precision, there by matching solutions to unique needs

SAP Components/Modules

  • SAP Finance (FI, CO, PS; TV, FM, TRM, BPC)
  • SAP Business Intelligence (BW, BO, Lumira, MDM, embedded with HANA)
  • SAP Human Capital (HCM)
  • SAP Digital & Cloud (Fiori, Screen Personas, Concur, Successfactors, Hybris, Ariba, HCP)
  • SAP Logistics (MM, SD, PM, EWM, QA)
  • SAP Sales & Trading (CRM, Hybris, GTS)
  • SAP Security (Authorizations, GRC)
  • SAP Technical (ABAP, BC, HANA DB, S/4HANA)
  • SAP Industry Solutions (Public Sector, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utility, Telecom, Financial Services)


  • System Builds
  • Implementation
  • SAP Migration
  • System Refreshes (TDMS/Traditional DB copy)
  • Release upgrades
  • Cloud Migration

Assessment/Advisory Support

  • Clearly understand the value of moving to SAP S/4HANA
  • Discover the best path to digital transformation, whether cloud based or another solution
  • Gain access to automated tools that speed up digital transformation.
  • Extend the digital reach of SAP systems to enable improvements in products and services
  • Maximize value and minimize cost through flexible advisory solution options

Our Capabilities on S/4 HANA

  • Greenfield Implementation
  • Brownfield Migration
  • Map existing business process of organization to leverage and take advantage of the capabilities of S/4 HANA
  • Native HANA Capabilities for centralized processing, mapping and reporting to enable quick business decisions

SAP Consulting Services on Cloud

  • Business Case for Cloud Adoption, Strategy
  • Economics, Cloud Value Computation
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Cloud Security specific to SAP applications
  • Cloud Operations
  • Assessment of Infrastructure at On-Premise
  • Capacity Planning
  • Distribution of Resources on Cloud based on Usage
  • Migration Methodology
  • Partner(CSP) Tools for Migration
  • Cost Optimization
  • Prioritize Migration based on Usage of SAP Components
  • Interfaces inventory and Design
  • Network and Cloud Security
  • BCP and DR Region/Zone, Accessibility
  • Downtime management for minimum business impact during Migration
  • Migration Accelerators
  • Detail Assessment Report
  • Roadmap for Migration
  • SAP Cloud Hosting Assessment
  • SAP Cloud Migration Strategy
  • SAP Cloud Security Framework
  • SAP Hybrid/Cloud-Cloud Integration
  • Network Topology design for SAP
  • BCP-DR Strategy and Deployment
  • Load Balancing and Performance Optimization
  • SAP Backup Strategy
  • Monitoring Mechanism for SAP components and its Interfaces
  • Cloud Operations
  • Server Management during Lift and Shift
  • Sizing of Server Infrastructure based on SAP Applications
  • Capacity Planning
  • Distribution of Resources based on Usage
  • Manage Shared File System (NFS, SMB)
  • Check for the options for the Restore/Recover
  • Downtime management for minimum business impact
  • Interfaces inventory and Design
  • Monitoring tools integration
  • Ticketing tools integration
  • Check Network and Security Settings
  • Check SAP applications and SAP Components
  • Prepare Test Scripts
  • Lift and Shift SAP applications, Re-establish connectivity with interfaces
  • Check the parameters and change on Cloud
  • Changes in Network Config for Operational use
  • Brownfield Migration Support
  • Sizing of Servers on Cloud based on existing Infrastructure
  • Capacity Planning on Cloud
  • SAP Systems Migration Planning (Including Near Zero Downtime)
  • Prioritizing Migration Tasks based on Usage
  • Study of Interfaces and Dependencies
  • Network Configuration and Security assessment
  • Test Scripts for checking cloud-based systems/services
  • Data Pruning and Purging options
  • Dual Stack Split
  • Unicode Conversion
  • Custom Code Remediation & Optimization
  • Mock Migration Runs
  • Optimize Parallel Process and Table Order for Export/Import
  • SAP Pre-Migration Activities
  • SAP Migration using SUM-DMO
  • SAP Post-Migration Activities
  • Go-Live
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Max-Attention/EMS/AMS based on customer need
  • Migration & Conversion
  • Pre-Conversion
  • Gather System Requirements
  • Application – Specific Preparation Activities
  • Maintenance Planner
  • SI-Check
  • Custom Code Preparation
  • Conversion
  • SUM
  • Database Migration
  • Software Update
  • Data Conversion
  • Post-Conversion
  • Application Specific
  • Installations, Landscape Setup
  • Sizing of Server Infrastructure based on SAP Applications
  • Capacity Planning
  • Project Management
  • SAP HANA readiness check
  • Business process analysis
  • S/4 HANA solution fit-gap analysis
  • Deploy S/4 HANA on-premise or cloud solution
  • Integration with SCP components, IBP, Ariba, Concur, SuccessFactors,
  • Hybris or Non-SAP solutions
  • Installation of SAP systems on Cloud
  • Basis Configuration of SAP systems on Cloud
  • Stress test of Systems
  • Integration with on-prem SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Basis Support Services during Implementation
  • Master Data Migration
  • Design and Implement Load balancing options
  • Go-Live Check and Readiness
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Optimize Cost on cloud using Consumption based Billing
  • Implement disaster recovery setup according to architecture blueprint and contractual specifications. Test Cloud Data Center and technical system infrastructure
  • Develop and use disaster recovery procedures for database and file system replication only.
  • Ongoing management of disaster recovery architecture: monitoring of data replication to secondary site including troubleshooting
  • Ongoing management of disaster recovery architecture: maintenance and change management for systems at secondary site to ensure system consistency including troubleshooting
  • Develop and maintain disaster recovery procedures for those areas and aspects of the service which are in customer responsibility
  • Execute failover during disaster recovery test (DB, application and cnames)
  • Execute online disaster recovery tests (data center and technical system infrastructure only); primary systems remain accessible
  • Execute productive failover in case of an officially declared disaster - all HA/DR architecture scenarios.
  • Mixed HA/DR: Execute productive failover for a specific SID and invert replication
  • SAP Cloud Security
  • Assessment of SAP on Cloud Deployment
  • Assessment of Interface design and accessibility
  • Identity and Access Mechanism
  • Architecture Design Evaluation including Infrastructure
  • Penetration testing at Infra/SAP to evaluate Vulnerabilities in either code or application logic
  • Database related Security Checks
  • Compliance(PCI-DSS, GDPR, IRAP, GxP) , Risk and Governance Evaluation w.r.t. SAP
  • Data protection and encryption(Filesystem, Backup,…)
  • Encryption at DB level (Data and Log) and during Data transfer
  • Adopt Benchmarks and Recommendations from SAP(SAP Notes), OEM
  • Port Mapping for SAP
  • Password policy and access restrictions
  • DB Management
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Cloud Infra Operations for SAP landscape
  • Hybrid Cloud Operations Interface Administration
  • Job Scheduling/Monitoring
  • Transport Management
  • Output Management
  • System Performance Management

We Understand
Your Pain Points

Whether you are upgrading your legacy systems, migrating to the cloud, or weighing risks, our consultants help you make informed decisions. SAP cloud migrations need to follow strict regulations to encourage the shift to more advanced SaaS or PaaS-based systems. With our SAP migration consultation, you get a complete roadmap before migration, aligned with your end goals.

Our consultation experts are well-versed in:

  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Security Specific to SAP Applications
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Value Computation
  • Business Case for Cloud Adoption and Strategy

This Is What
We Bring To The Table


We bring with us global capabilities and a well-set footprint into local market expertise.

Holistic Approach

We deliver the right combination of industry, technology, process, and full lifecycle assets.


We take accountability for measured business and IT outcomes that address your unique needs.

Best Practices

We understand the standard global operating models, methods, tools and processes.

What We Are
Known For

Driving Business Growth

We drive digital innovation through tailored SAP implementation strategy with minimized risk and full transparency. We optimize resources and follow Near Zero Downtime to minimize interruptions during upgrade, migration, or patching.

Building Strong Foundation

We prepare IT infrastructure for growth with a highly collaborative approach and aligning IT strategy with your business vision. We boost your business transformation to cut down project timelines with proprietary, in addition to OEM native tools.

Trusted Tools

We leverage OEM certified tools during implementation, migration and monitoring along with 24x7x365 support. We also employ accurate and reliable tools to track projects, offering visibility to all the stakeholders.

Optimized Resources

We help you scale-up or scale-down human resource presence on a project to optimize costs and timelines. In order to improve flexibility, enhance coordination, and optimize project costs, we offer different models - onsite, nearshore, nearsite, offshore, and offsite.

What Our
Clients Have to Say

The Foraysoft team has truly exceeded my expectations.

Rafael Sobera Executive Creative Director EVP RICG

Kamal and his colleagues at Foraysoft have been a great asset to allow our company to expand our development resources overnight.

Jennifer Morelos Partner, Emprezar

The Foraysoft team was able to jump on the task with minimal startup time and helped build well designed reports quickly.


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