In this month of celebration, Foraysoft celebrates its people, its strength, and its success. We believe in celebrating the best. And this month’s best performers are:- Jagadeesh, Purnima, Surya Sai Putta, Anusha Puli, Divya Vakkalagadda, Kalyani Shetty, and Lakshmi Yarra being rewarded with certificates. We also have our Top 3 recruiters - Pavani Bommerla, Tejaswi K, and Sai Kiran Narsimulu who will be awarded with cash prizes respectively.
Christmas at Foraysoft To believe in light is to believe in a better tomorrow. In the merriest of months, we celebrate Christmas, with laughter and joy all around.
New Year
New Resolutions
Here’s to resolutions that we will grow individually and collectively, and another fun trip around the sun with Foraysoft. We’re celebrating New Year, in style.
Life at Foraysoft “Working at Foraysoft is great. It is good to be a part of a company where individuals are empowered to grow, great work-life balance. The feedback from employees is valued and the management is friendly and cooperative. There are celebrations at cultural festivals too.”
Vishnu Viswa Teja Yanamandra - Associate
“Foraysoft has the friendliest and most helpful people around. I love working with Foraysoft because hardwork and talent is appreciated, growth is definitely there in Foraysoft. Everyone is respected and everyone is understood here at Foraysoft.”
Ganesh Nagendran Boppey
“I have been working with Foraysoft for more than 9 months now. What I love about working here is that it is a great place to work with a great environment. People are friendly, I get a lot of chances to learn new things in terms of work, I have an opportunity to explore new talents, and I got an opportunity to work on a new domain that is great for my career in the future.”
Peggy Pravallika -- Senior IT Recruiter
(Key Accounts Management)
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