• Rafael Soberal
    Executive Creative Director EVP RICG

    Foraysoft team have truly exceeded my expectations. They came on board to help support our development partners Brandmerce, on a complex Wordpress website with a complex Salesforce integration and restricted content for a top tier real estate client. Kamal's team came on board in the last mile of development to help extend the functionality of the current build and iron out all kinks and bugs. Their communication, project management and quality execution was immediately felt by our team and the client. They brought peace and confidence back into a high-pressure stressful situation. I was particularly impressed with how they were able to take design direction and apply code to enhance the user experience and product delivery. I highly recommend Foraysoft and feel that their synergistic relationship with Brandmerce meets all of our future development needs, while giving us the freedom to continue building high-performance digital brand experiences.

  • Jennifer Morelos
    Partner, Emprezar

    "Kamal and his colleagues at Foraysoft have been a great asset to allow our company to expand our development resources overnight. I have known Kamal for many years, and I'm delighted to work with someone that I trust and has so much integrity. Our business is all about building strong relationships with our clients by providing exceptional digital experiences that are on time and on budget. Foraysoft's expertise and attention to detail helps us deliver consistent value to our customers."

  • eVigilant needed urgent help with implementing various mission critical reports on newly impelmented Microsoft Dynamics. Foraysoft team was able to jump on the task with minimal startup time and helped build well designed reports quickly. We intend to use them as our preferred technology provider and highly recommend them.
    - Gunvir Singh CEO, eVigilant


  • "Consumer Credit Card Migration"

    The consumer credit card division of a prominent bank had a number of consumer credit banking applications that were built on Java Structs 1.2. In order to better serve current users and to accommodate for future needs, the upper management decided to migrate these applications to use the Spring MVC framework. This is to take advantage of its flexibility, rich controller implementation selection and ease of testing. They wanted the migration to be seamless and have a staggered release to production. Foray team stepped in to work with the bank to overcome this technical challenge. Foray worked with the clients understand the scope & features of the target applications and came up with a migration plan. We followed the agile development methodology to systematically migrate each application. We built a rich suite of Spring commands to test the various features of the applications. We made sure the newer version of the application is behaviorally consistent with the old one. We followed a staggered rollout to production to make sure the impact on production was very controlled.

  • "Bank Risk Tools"

    Foray was commissioned by the bank to integrate the QRM tool with its existing IT infrastructure. We did initial analysis, identified the various inputs to the QRM, mapped those inputs to different data points in internal data sources, defined the data flow channels, created a rule based data transformation system to import data from various sources in the form of flat files, wrote procedures to do scheduled data uploads into QRM tool to do the liquidity analysis, and calculate risk indicators. We also wrote custom report generation procedures to get various custom reports. Business rules were identified with each data point, and applied before loading data into QRM. These rules were written in an internal Java based internal application, that performs the data mapping that QRM needs for reporting. The mapping rules and business rules are defined by ALM department and logic is implemented in the internal Application. Thus Foray helped the bank to integrate QRM with their intensive data sets to get the daily risk management reports that the business needed to make better strategic decisions.